MoxiVoice services utilize the power of generative AI technology to produce high-quality and dynamic audio content.

By leveraging sophisticated algorithms, MoxiVoice can create natural-sounding voices that accurately mimic human speech patterns, intonations, and emotions.

With the help of generative AI, MoxiVoice can
deliver a wide range of voice styles and languages
to suit various projects.

Whether it’s for commercials, e-learning modules, video games,
or IVR systems, MoxiVoice offers versatile options to meet diverse requirements.

By harnessing generative AI technology, we can provide efficient turnaround times without compromising on quality. This enables businesses and content creators to quickly obtain professional voice recordings for their projects, saving both time and resources.

MoxiVoice utilizing generative AI brings innovation
and efficiency to the world of audio production.

We provide a convenient solution for creating captivating voiceovers
 that enhance various forms of media content.

Check out these samples
and see for yourself just
how realistic they sound.

Voiceover Samples



Approximate Words vs Voiceover time


500 words

1000 words

2000 words

4000 words

Things that you should know: Provided you have the necessary intellectual property rights in the Content you provide us and the content doesn’t break any laws or our Terms of Service, you may use this voice-over for commercial purposes. We provide the voice-over in MP3 file format. We also support other languages. Please contact us for the other languages as there will be more languages added in the coming months.